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Cut Like Glass: Ramon Todo

The rocks out here in the Northwest fascinate me.  Growing up in Florida, there wasn’t much in the way of rocks that I remember.. just tiny pebbles and sand.  But out here, there are big, beautiful rocks!  I always marvel at the variety when we find ourselves in a dry, rocky river bed.  Dusseldorf-based artist Ramon Todo is juxtaposing rocks with their distant cousin, glass, for some stunning studies in contrast.

Todo1 Todo2 Todo4 Todo3

The blue green hue and reflective surface of the glass give these stones a landscape-ish quality, almost as if the sky or sea were caught between the two pieces of earth.  Such an interesting contrast of textures, don’t you think?  And the glass is perfectly cut to fit between the stones, as if it evolved there naturally.  I want to turn one over in my hand and see how the light changes the reflections in the glass.

If you’d like to see more from Ramon Todo, please visit his page at Art Front Gallery.

All images via This is Colossal.

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