Daily Artsy Landscapes Paintings

Little Corners of the World: Joseph Noderer

Our current little bungalow backs up to a beautifully landscaped yard, verdant and green, even in the midst of Fall.  As I sit working here every day, it’s easy to forget that the leaves are changing all around, I get so caught up in my own little world here.  Austin artist Joseph Norderer chooses to celebrate those little corners of the world in which we dwell.

Jamboree by Joseph Noderer Host by Joseph Noderer Imperial Fork by Joseph Noderer Isle by Noderer Shed by Noderer

Lush and lively, his compositions crop in tightly on a small crop of land, beckoning us beyond the bushes to find who might be living inside.  We get so caught up in our view from within that I think we sometimes forget that just a few feet or yards away, another life is being lived, perhaps very different or quite similar.  But more and more we chose to hide behind our own walls.  Choosing to dwell only in that same familiar corner.

If you’d like to see more of Joseph Noderer‘s work, please visit his website.  You can also see his show at Tiny Park art space in Austin until October 19th.

Artist found via The Jealous Curator.  All images via the artist’s website.

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