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Forager For Hire: What I’ve Been Up To Lately

A few months ago, you may have seen me make an announcement that Artsy Forager was now offering a variety of services to creative folk.  With the exception of sporadic mentions on Facebook & Instagram, I haven’t really shared with you what I’ve been doing or how it’s been going.  Pretty darn great, that’s how!  The response has been very positive but thankfully not overwhelming.  I’ve been able to gradually dip my toe in and I’ve been given the opportunity to help some wonderful artists, gallerists and consultants.

A few artists have approached me for help with their websites– now I’m not a web designer by any means, but I do approach an artist’s website from the direction of a blogger, a former gallerina, an art consultant and a potential collector.


found here 

Sometimes all an artist needs is an objective eye, a voice from outside themselves to give them a bit of guidance and direction.  I’ve been super excited to work with several artists to be that source of advice and direction.  It’s my favorite thing in the world!  I’ve also been helping an artist proofread and edit her blog posts— the verbal thing isn’t everyone’s strong point, but this artist still has something to say and wants to make sure she is saying it to the best of her ability!  That’s where I come in.  A tweak here, a quick edit there and she feels much more confident in the content she is sharing with her followers and collectors!


found here

One of my favorite and most challenging opportunities came along in the form of a social media makeover for a gallery.  I’m still a firm believer in galleries and if a gallerist is hustling and working hard to sell the work of her artists, plan shows, AND have a life, that doesn’t leave much time for learning all the ins and outs of social media.  But galleries need to use these tools to thrive!

Creating and managing your social media is a bit like throwing a fabulous party.. You get your house and yourself all dolled up and then serve your guests delicious food, cocktails and conversation.  So for this gallery in particular, I went through their social media and implemented changes to create more engagement, as well as giving each platform a visual makeover, to sort of put on a digital party dress, if you will.

Vintage party

found here

We got their social media all powdered up and ready to party!  And the gallerist was thrilled with result, along with the rather lengthy list of social media “How To’s” I included for reference.

Doing all of these tasks for folks other than just myself has encouraged me with such a sense of purpose and pride!  But then I’ve also been doing a bit of freelance art consulting/curation which is totally my jam, ya’ll.  It’s what I did for five years and I could almost do it in my sleep.  I’ve been working mainly for one art consultant in particular who specializes in art for the healthcare environment.  So lots of peaceful, calming images, mostly photography and limited edition prints, for facilities in Florida, Tennessee and New Jersey.  But even on a tight budget, we can still end up with beautiful, inspiring collections!

MOB collage

 artwork selected for healthcare facility via Studio EL  and Grand Image

I’ve also spent a good deal of time lately putting together a proposal of art consulting services for a small rural hospital here in Western WA.  Small hospital usually equals tight budget, but I’m hopeful the arts commission can raise the funds for at least a few key pieces.  In any case, I had a blast putting together a “dream” proposal to give them something to shoot for!

MG collage

Finally, I want to tell you about an exciting project I’m a part of that puts all this experience and knowledge to the best use ever– helping artists to succeed!  I’m honored to be a part of The Thriving Artist Summit, a totally free online artists conference happening December 2-13th, giving you access to more than 20 industry experts whose knowledge will help you bring your art and the business of being an artist to the next level.  The summit aims to teach, inspire, inform, guide and mentor artists on business, money, pricing, legal issues, inspiration, social media, wholesaling, and more.

Thriving Artist graphic

All attending this online conference will cost you is a little bit of your time.  And I think you’ll get a huge return on your investment!  You can save your spot at The Thriving Artist Academy website.  Plus, if you subscribe to the Artsy Forager email list over in the sidebar, you’ll receive an exclusive bonus from yours truly!

Just a little glimpse into what’s been keeping me busy lately!  All this and writing the blog, of course!  If you’d like to know more about the services I offer or working with me, you can get more info on the Forager For Hire page or shoot me an email at lesley(at)

Thriving Artist graphic via Thriving Artist Academy, all other image sources linked above.

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