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Longing for Eden: Lauren Matsumoto

Being nature loving outdoorsy types, Mr. Forager and I sometimes discuss what it would have been like for Adam & Eve– to dwell peacefully with wild animals.  Mr. F hopes that being able to interact safely with wild creatures will be one of the perks of heaven.  He really really wants to hug a grizzly bear.  In her mixed media work, New York based artist Lauren Matsumoto uses unexpected elements to focus on nature and how we relate to it.

Matsumoto_Oracle Observatory Matsumoto_mushroom patch Matsumoto_winter bloom Matsumoto_Pet Matsumoto_Flowerburst


The artist uses female figures from vintage erotica among playful and whimsical flora.  But  there is an element of the looming industrial age, as planes, satellites, and automobiles threaten to intrude and destroy our love affair with nature.  How often do we completely unplug?  No wifi, no cell phones, no cable t.v.  It’s definitely easier said than done, but maybe if we try it, we can recapture some of that peaceable kingdom that once was.

Please visit Lauren Matsumoto‘s website to see more of her work.

All images are via the artist’s website and Facebook page.  Artist found via Uprise Art.

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