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Foggy Gazes: Alyssa Monks

Here in the Northwest, we’re no strangers to the rain.  Months and months of time goes by seeing life through a haze of drizzle and mist.  Although the rain can be a bit tedious, Mr. Forager and I are always struck by the beauty it brings out in the way the landscape becomes distorted.  In her work, Brooklyn artist Alyssa Monks began with hyperrealistic depictions of women bathing and now finds the figures being pulled into a more abstract world.

Blind by Alyssa Monks Still Wet by Alyssa Monks White ( study ) by Alyssa Monks Squeeze by Alyssa Monks Chance by Alyssa Monks

Always interested in the distorting characteristics of figures seen through a veil of water, steam and glass, Monks’ latest work is pushing the figures further into the mist, leaving the figure secondary to the surface behind which she hides.  As the tall cedars peek out timidly from the fog, so do these figures seem hesitant to reveal themselves, adding the voyeuristic feel of Monks’ work.

You can see more of Alyssa Monks’ work on her website and Facebook page.  If you’re near Rockville, MD, the artist will be giving a lecture and conducting a workshop with Capitol Arts Network this Friday and Saturday, November 8th & 9th.  You can find more information on the Capitol Arts Network website.

All images are via the artist’s website.

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