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Shapes and Structures: Agnes Barley

I’ve always been fascinated by the way our minds inform our eyes.  How our brains connect   the proverbial dots to tell us that when we see certain shapes configured this way or that, we’re seeing three dimensional planes out of what is actually two dimensional surface.  In the abstract paintings of artist Agnes Barley, we see that by placing certain shapes against one another just so, the illusion of three dimensional space is created.

Spores 3 by Agnes Barley Swelling Waves 6 by Agnes Barley Early Waves 7 by Agnes Barley Early Waves 4 by Agnes Barley Swelling Waves 7 by Agnes Barley

Her shapes twist and turn and create shadows of themselves upon the painted surface, further reinforcing the dimensionality of the forms.  The objects created by putting these pieces together feel so architectural, they seem as if they could be studies for structures or sculpture.  I kind of want to climb on one and sit atop it, taking in the view.

To see more of Agnes Barley‘s work, visit her website.

All images are via the artist’s website.

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