Live the Artsy

Live the Artsy: Inspired to Be Bold by M.A. Tateishi

I’m a firm believer that art is not just about what the artist makes, but what you take from it. Living the Artsy isn’t just about living with art, but living out art each day in our lives.  One of the things I love most about the work of this month’s Featured Artist M.A. Tateishi is how bright and downright audacious it is.  This artist is not afraid to use color, to deconstruct and then resurrect her surfaces, all resulting in work that inspires me to be move forward as bravely as she does.

Circling the Globe by M.A. Tateishi

I thought perhaps you could use a bit of artsy inspiration, too, so in the words of Simon de Pury..


Bold collage

found here here here and here


brave collage

found here here here and here


amazing collage

found here here and here

I’ve been finding things in life to be a bit daunting lately, but just looking at M.A.’s work and putting together this post, thinking about these women that I look up to, who are so much braver than me, I feel empowered and encouraged.  I hope you do, too.

Images linked above.  See more work from M.A. Tateishi on her website.

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