Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Freedom in Flight: Simon Birch

As you read this, Mr. F and I are enjoying a week of being footloose and fancy free, currently somewhere along the West Coast between Manzanita, OR and Eureka, CA.  Every time we pack up the car to head out on an adventure, the moment the wheels turn out of the driveway, the feeling of elation sets in.  We’re FREE!  No cares, worries temporarily forgotten, we are flying toward freedom.  In this series of paintings by UK born, Hong Kong based artist Simon Birch, the artist depicts figures in flight, soaring through the air, destination unknown.

Simon Birch Simon Birch Simon Birch Simon Birch Simon Birch

So figures jump decidedly, slicing through the atmosphere, while other seem to be falling, floating even.  There seems to be a metaphor in there for the way we approach freedom.  Some of us go all in, taking the bull by the horns so to speak, going for the gusto and lots of other cliches, just simply soaking up all we can from what freedom has to offer.  But others, just sort of fall into it, being gently guided as if on a breeze.  Which type of freedom do you practice?

To see more of Simon Birch‘s work, please visit his website.

Artist found via My Modern Met.  All images via My Modern Met.

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