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Artsy Dwelling: Your Art Studio Style

As different as each artist’s work can be, so too is the way they work and the environment in which they find the most creativity.  Some artists are lucky enough to be able to design their studio space to fit the way they work just perfectly, others take advantage of whatever available space may be at hand.  And some, like me, out of necessity keep their supplies to a minimum so they can set up studio wherever they land!  But oh how I long for the day when I can have a dedicated work space.  Are you dreaming of your own studio space, too?  What’s your current art studio style?  What are you dreaming it could be?

Art Studio Style inspiration Willem de Kooning

found here

Do you like your space open & airy?  Maybe like Willem de Kooning, you create best in bright white spaces with soaring ceilings and gorgeous light.

Art studio style open and airy

clockwise from top studios of kirra jamison | emily ferretti | lisa congdon | brenda hope zappitell

Don’t have a big open space?  Paint every surface of your small studio white and remove any window treatments.  You’ll be amazed at how much light bounces around the room!

Some artists work best in smaller, creative & cozy spaces.  Filled with warmth and life, Monet-like spaces make you want to settle in with a cup of tea and paint your heart out.

Art studio style inspiration Claude Monet

found here 

Art studio style creative and cozy

clockwise from left studios of isabelle tuchband | anahata katkin | claire basler | michelle armas

Paned windows, chandeliers and plants make a studio space feel like a creative home.  And having a sweet pup around to love on helps with the creative frustration!


found here

No doubt working in a neatly organized space helped O’Keeffe achieve her soft, elegantly clean lined paintings.  A tidily laid out space with supplies within arm’s reach allow an artist to concentrate on creating instead of looking everywhere for that one tube of paint..

Art studio style artsy organization

clockwise from top left studios of scott waterman | jenny saville | mari andrews

Timothy Atwood said, Creative mess equals creative thought. And for many artists, I think this holds true.  Most creatives are, by nature collectors.  We need to be surrounded by a beautiful mess, so that inspiration may spark at any time.  And let’s admit, sometimes, we’re just too busy creating to pick up. 😉


found here

beautiful mess collage

clockwise from left studios of thomas campbell | cornelius volker | flora bowleg

What is your own studio style, Artsies?  One of the above or a mix of all?  Is a studio overhaul on your 2014 to-do list?

See more art studio style inspiration on my Pinterest board, Where the Artsy Folk Work.  Have a dynamic studio to share?  Leave a link in the comments!

All image sources linked above.

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  • kara rane

    hi Lesley.. the magic of studio space is undeniable, but it is thrilling to be able to set up shop anywhere and create no matter what!!

    • Artsy Forager

      You are so right, Kara! I’m sure when we settle down and I have my studio, I’ll miss traveling. The grass is always greener, isn’t it? 😉

  • Heather42

    My current studio is as small as a postage stamp, but the floor-to-ceiling windows and meadow view outside make up for the size. I would love to have a studio like Georgia O’Keefe’s some day.

    • Artsy Forager

      Oh Heather, your studio sounds lovely! I love your work, by the way. 😉

  • Tara

    I love this post! It’s fascinating peeking into other artists’ studios and seeing how they organise themselves {or don’t!}. After years of working at my dining table or on the floor I now have a dedicated art studio space in my home with heaps of light and space; it’s a dream come true. And always a mess, because exactly as you say, I need it all around me to spark my inspiration at any time!

    • Artsy Forager

      I’m sure it’s wonderful to finally have a creative space all your own, Tara!

  • Great post! I love looking at other artists’ studios, too! My studio is full of all sorts of things that inspire me. I have pictures of it here:

    • Artsy Forager

      Glad you enjoyed it, Tiffany! What a fun and colorful studio you have!