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Splendorous Adornments: Takaya Hanayushi

We’re so casual these days.  Heck, all my high heels are in storage, I probably won’t see them again until around 2018!  But there are days when I miss getting dressed up.  Remember that careful giving I was going on about yesterday?  These sculptural floral arrangements by Takaya Hanayushi remind me of our need to present ourselves artfully.

Takaya Hanayushi Takaya Hanayushi Takaya Hanayushi Takaya Hanayushi Takaya Hanayushi

 The idea of adorning oneself in a certain way, whether to mark one’s place in society or simply as personal expression is a human trait that seems to have been with us a long time.  And although in our dressed down society, such lavish adornments as were once practiced are rare, we still find ways to incorporate these rituals.  We pierce and tattoo, we find just the right pair of shoes, we refuse to wear animal fur or skins.  Though it may be in more subtle, 21st century ways, we are still each day painting our own portrait of who we are and presenting it to the world.

To see more of these stunning arrangements by Takaya Hanayushi, please visit his website.  You can also follow Hanayushi on his Facebook page.

All images are via the artist’s website and Facebook page.

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  • Anna Aspnes

    I can relate to missing the dressing up now that I work from home and am always venturing outdoors with our 3 dogs. We lived in Japan for 3 years and this is very reminiscent of our time there. Love the dimensional aspect of this art.

    • Artsy Forager

      Yes, and having a husband who loves to walk & take spontaneous hikes means you are always dressed for anything! The sculptural feel of these “headdresses” are a big part of their appeal, I think.