Sweet Decadence: Heather McCaw Kerley

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about this time of year is the food!  Putting diets aside, we allow ourselves to focus on the inherent feast for the senses that delicious food can bring.  Nothing beats the scent of freshly baked bread wafting through a home, am I right??  This season is about indulgence and much of it of the decadent sweet kind.  In her Bakery series, artist Heather McCaw Kerley focuses her attention on those baked objects of desire.

Doughnut with Pink Sprinkles by Heather McCaw Kerley Chocolate Cupcake by Heather McCaw Kerley Doughnut Holes by Heather McCaw Kerley Pink Cupcake by Heather McCaw Kerley Doughnut with Chocolate White Striped Icing

Isolating these treats, each a monument to delightful indulgence.  ”I’ll have just one“, these seem to be saying.  And when we taste the sweetness of icing on our tongues, a wave of satisfaction washes over.  We know we can’t make a steady diet of doughnuts and cupcakes, but oh, if only we could!  How sweet life would be.  Maybe.  Or perhaps, if we were to indulge all the time, special treats would lose their luster.  We would no longer savor them slowly, but devour them without truly tasting their deliciousness.  I think the same can be said of events like holidays, if we were celebrating this way every day, the shine would soon grow weary.  But its the anticipation, the build up, the focus of intensity that makes these days so special.  Let’s savor them like the delectable cupcakes they are.

To see more of Heather McCaw Kerley‘s work, please visit her website and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Pinterest

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  • kara rane

    very reminiscent of Wayne Thiebaud.

    • Artsy Forager

      Yes! I completely agree, Kara!