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Momentary Souvenirs: Stephanie Brody Lederman

Did you make some wonderful memories yesterday, Artsies?  What will you recall?  Will it be the main event, the big moments or will it be the small, seemingly insignificant minutes that you’ll look back on with fondness?  In her latest work, New York artist Stephanie Brody-Lederman in her own visual language, illustrates the moments that capture her emotions and imagination.

Our Ancestors Lives by Stephanie Brody Lederman Being Human by Stephanie Brody Lederman Lantern & Lamp by Stephanie Brody Lederman At This Late Hour ( Still Swimming Forward ) by Stephanie Brody Lederman Dawn by Stephanie Brody Lederman

Some people recall certain events in great detail.  That’s never been me.  I remember more the sensuality of memory– the smell of my paternal grandparents’ house, the soft skin of my maternal grandmothers’ hands, the thrill of the first kiss my husband gave me.  In these paintings, it is that untouchable sensation of memory, the emotion of certain moments that Brody-Lederman is capturing.

In small symbols and still scenes, she evokes a sense of the remembrance of an instant.  After all, our memories don’t necessarily record full scenes like a movie, but more brief flashes and hints of feeling remind us of what has been.

To see more of Stephanie Brody-Lederman‘s work, please visit her website.

All images are via the artist’s website.

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