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Design Foraging: Diana Fayt

I have such a weakness for ceramics.  Some people are glass lovers and I agree, handblown glass is gorgeous, but I’ve always loved the beautiful imperfection of ceramics.  I think it started when I was young, eating chocolate ice cream from my grandmother’s Frankoma pottery bowls.  The swirling of the spoon made such a distinct sound and the bowls usually had slight imperfections that just added to their charm.  Mr. F and I didn’t register for china when we got married, mostly because we knew we would be traveling for a while and didn’t see the point.  If I had registered, delicate china wouldn’t have been my choice.  Artsy pottery dishes would have been the way to go for me.  The work by ceramic artist Diana Fayt surely would have been ( and still is! ) on my short list.

Diana Fayt Diana Fayt Diana Fayt Diana Fayt Diana Fayt

The delicate graphics of her hand drawn “etchings in clay” and the gorgeous array of glaze colors make Diana’s ceramics almost too beautiful to use.  Oh but use them, I would!  How much better would my morning muesli taste out of one of these bowls?  Or just arrange a few leafy branches in one of those vases and let the pottery be the star.  Her work would fit just perfectly in our artsy dream home in the woods.

To see more of Diana Fayt‘s work, please visit her website.  Some work is available for purchase on her website, or check out the galleries & stockists listed.

All images via the artist’s website.

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  • ThePaintedLadyofOP

    Beautiful AND Functional…just the way I like it.

    • Artsy Forager

      Me too, Painted Lady!