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Insert the Artsy: Color Three Way

There’s a school of thought that white walls = boring.  But white walls + wooden textures + pops of colorful artwork?  Anything but!!  And this Artsy is here to prove it to ya.  Let’s take a beautiful, airy space like the one below.  The white surfaces have already been warmed a bit by pops of cozy wood textures.  The way the light bounces off those walls make this the perfect place for some color.  And that beautifully curved staircase wall?  It’s just crying out for a fabulous wall sculpture or installation.  Don’t believe me?  Let us count the ways..

There are lots of different ways you could take the artwork in this space– those white walls are the perfect blank canvas!

1 | happy texture Smooth surfaces abound in this space, which leaves ample room for adding pattern and texture.  A Liz Tran sculptural installation is like a party on a wall, providing an instant shot of joyful movement.  Or how about gettin’ a little groovy with a retro-ish weaving?  Tanya Aguiniga‘s Multi Knot Wall Hanging is a bit more minimalistic, but still adds just the right amount of texture and color.  Making a simple, bold statement is hardly ever the wrong choice and one of Jen Pack‘s fabric & wood wall sculptures packs just the right amount of punch.

ITA_Jan_happy texture collage

 images found here here here and here

2 | organic elegance Not only can a space like this handle something dynamic and full of color but a single elegant representational sculpture can add just the right amount of elegance to bring the slightly casual atmosphere up a notch.

ITA_Jan_organic elegance collage

images found here here here and here

3 | slick pop Interesting juxtapositions your game?  Graphic, pop inspired pieces provide an intriguing touch of je ne sai quois when paired with these white walls and warm textures. Think of the neon signs, sand and palm trees of Miami– opposites never looked so good together.

ITA_Jan_Slick pop collage

images found here here here and here

Have I convinced you yet?  Are you running out to buy gallons and gallons of white paint? 😉  See more of my favorite artsy interiors on my Artsy Dwelling Pinterest board.  Oh and like what I put together here?  I can do it for you, too!

All image sources linked above.

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