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Homages to Hopper: Richard Tuschman

Edward Hopper‘s body of work is one revered and admired by many artists and art lovers, including this Forager.  New York photographer Richard Tuschman  found himself drawn to the painter’s method of visual storytelling, saying so much with so very little.  He created the series Hopper Meditations as an homage to the renowned artist’s work, yet these are not exact recreations, Tuschman tells Hopper’s stories in much of his own language.

Morning Sun by Richard Tuschman Pink Bedroom ( Window Seat ) by Richard Tuschman Green Bedroom ( Morning ) by Richard Tuschman Woman with Book and Letter by Richard Tuschman Pink Bedroom ( Family ) by Richard Tuschman

The paintings of Edward Hopper focus on scenes from the stories that unfold in everyday life and just as minutia takes center stage, Tuschman methodically recreates Hopper’s compositions creating dioramas into which figures are painstakingly photoshopped.   It isn’t surprising that a photographer should find such inspiration in the work of Hopper, his paintings having an almost photographic, slice-of-life style of composition.  Yet, in Tuschman’s images, there is a softness to the light and a warmth to the palette that yields a sense of intimacy to the scenes, whereas Hopper’s originals seem much more cooly detached.

To see more of Richard Tuschman‘s work, please visit his website.

All images are via the artist’s website.

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  • Dave Williams

    Beautiful how the photographer captured the stillness, calmness of Hopper’s paintings.

    • Artsy Forager

      He really did.. they are amazing reincarnations!

  • Captures the silent space in between moments when you are forced to decide which way you will go – will you react or will you create? These precious moments are so brilliantly captured.
    Awesome. I can’t stop looking and thinking and second guessing what happened next.