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Artsy Happening: A New Instagram Project! And Two Continuing Series

You guys.  I am having way too much fun over on Instagram!  I’m finding so many ways to be creative and hopefully encourage others to embrace their inner Artsy!  I’m on Day 29 of my #colorforaging2014 project, mixing up paint every day to bring some gorgeous colors into my Instagram feed.  Not only am I learning all the color combos my limited paint supply can create, I’m also discovering beautiful palettes just by the juxtaposition of these colors together.  Check out the little Insta-grid the folks at Zatista did of a few of my #colorforaging2014 posts!

Color Foraging selection

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Omigosh so pretty all together like that!  See what I mean?  I’ve been painting these swatches into my sketch book, 4 to a page, and some of the pages became unintentionally pretty palettes.  In addition to #colorforaging2014, I’m also continuing a series that I began as a contribution to the #foliophoto selfie mini-project .  I loved the week of these artist-inspired selfies so much that I decided to keep posting them on my own!  You can follow my Instagram feed and hashtag #theartsyIam to a new “selfie” each week paying homage to a female artist who has influenced me in some way.  A new one just went up today!

Mitchell selfie

i am.. joan mitchell 

AND as if these two ongoing Instagram projects weren’t enough to keep me busy, I’m also launching a new #artsydefined project for the month of February!  I do love Instagram as a way to help stretch my creative muscles and thought you might be in need of a little creative yoga, too.. so for the month of February, I would love to have you join me in visually defining familiar art terms– for instance–

Shadow graphic

If you’re on Instagram, I hope you’ll join me in finding some artsy in February!  I’ve assigned a different artistic term for each day of the month ( see below, click image to enlarge ).  Just tag your photos with #artsydefined so that we can all follow along with each other!  I’ll also have a link to the chart in the blog sidebar throughout the month for a handy reference, no excuses! 😉

Blog images worksheet-9

click to enlarge

Please come and join in!  I hate to keep all this artsy fun to myself!  Don’t forget to use the tag #artsydefined so I can follow along with your finds!

Grid image via Zatista, using Artsy Forager Instagram images.  Joan Mitchell work found here.  All other images by Artsy Forager.

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  • Tara

    Ooh I’m in! Been wanting to find a daily challenge for February on Instagram.

    • Artsy Forager

      Yay!! Looking forward to seeing your posts, Tara!

  • Ashar Art

    looks like i need to learn another app as it sounds right up my street, best ashar