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Having Your Cake: Lori Larusso

You know one thing I miss about working in an office?  Cake days.  Birthdays, new babies, going aways, work anniversaries– any excuse to have an afternoon cake break in the lunch room.  I was always amazed by how having a little treat in the middle of the day made the work day seem just a bit special.  I can almost taste these painted treats by Kentucky artist Lori Larusso.

Its Not My Birthday, That's Not My (Orange Slices) Cake by Lori Larusso It's Not My Birthday, That's Not My Cake ( On a Doily ) by Lori Larusso New 5 Black by Lori Larusso It's Not My Birthday, That's Not My Cake ( Blue ) by Lori Larusso Candy For Lunch by Lori Larusso

It’s interesting how important food is, the preparing of it, the gathering, the sharing and consuming, to so many cultures, including our own.  How baking cookies for someone is a warm and welcome way to say thank you and how we wouldn’t dream of having a celebration without food!  Why do you think that is?  Perhaps because our need to eat is so universal?  Because we all need and crave food, it’s the perfect ice breaker and status leveler.  Maybe that cupcake isn’t on our diet, but the child we share it with will remember the moment always.

To see more of Lori Larusso‘s work, please visit her website.  Her work will be showing as part of a traveling exhibition at the Schneider Museum of Art at SOU in Ashland, OR until March 15th.

All images are via the website of the artist’s representing gallery, Skidmore Contemporary Art.

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