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Bits of Lovely: Claire Oswalt

Collage as a medium has had such a resurgence in recent years, but it’s a tough undertaking to get right and create something unique and lovely.  In this series of collages on book pages, Brooklyn artist Claire Oswalt creates beautiful little compositions, proving the old cliche, less is truly more.

Claire Oswalt Claire Oswalt Claire Oswalt Claire Oswalt Claire Oswalt

Using watercolor sketches on torn paper, Oswalt crafts these minimalist collages using careful restraint, the result being thoughtful arrangements of shape and color.  In collage, as in most everything, it is so easy to go overboard, to over think and over create.  It takes an artistic confidence and discipline to be able to say so much with so little.

To see more of Claire Oswalt‘s work, please visit her website.

All images are via the artist’s website.

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