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A Sense of Place: Stacey Rees

Every place has its own personality, just like any person.  Some places are a bit dark and brooding, while others are so sunny and bright they are almost annoying.. Victoria artist Stacey Rees captures the sensual and spiritual atmosphere of her surroundings in her paintings and illustrations.

Stacey Rees Stacey Rees Stacey Rees Stacey Rees Stacey Rees

I always find it interesting to compare the feel and palette of the different places we visit.  Between some, there are only minor differences, but in other spots, it feels like being in an entirely different world.  And in those places, often times our personalities may absorb some of that difference, too.  As in Rees’ work, in which there is a wonderful sense of not just earthly but spiritual atmosphere, we can take on not just the physicality of a place but some places get into our souls– for better or worse.

Mr. Forager & I have visited a few soul-filling places.  Do you have any place you’ve visited that had a profound effect on you?

To see more of Stacey Rees‘ work, please visit her website.

All images are via the artist’s website.

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  • finding that sense of place is one of the hardest things an artist can do. it is particularly hard as we all have our own experiences of the place we are describing.
    I am working on this very thing in that I want to express my feelings of
    the Somerset levels by abstraction and not depiction. I am finding it extremely hard. The best way for me to explain is with the words of Steve Abrams
    “I will not be an artist until I have created a piece of work that cannot be discussed, only felt.”
    This is my ultimate goal, but I think
    I will be a long time in getting there, but that’s the challenge of art.

    Interesting work; thank Artsy for sharing it – best ashar

    • Artsy Forager

      A lofty and worthy goal, to be sure!