Daily Artsy Figurative Photography

Fragile Figures: Angelica Garcia

Remember the old days, when all your photographs were on paper and were precious and fragile?  If you’ve ever had a photo destroyed by heat or liquid, you know what I’m talking about.  The once familiar image becomes distorted, a face we knew now obliterated.  The work of Venezuelan photographer Angelica Garcia reminds us that though our photographs can now be “backed up” and last forever, their subjects are still fragile and fading.

Garcia1 Garcia2 Garcia3 Garcia5 Garcia4


The photographer manipulates each photograph, not with digital software, but hand manipulates each one post printing.  Purposefully distorting and abstracting each figure, we are left with ghostly apparitions of what was once.  The plainclothes style of each figure makes them universal and relatable,  someone we might have known.

To see more of Angelica Garcia‘s work, please visit her see.me page.

All images via the artist’s see.me page.  Artist found via The Artful Desperado.

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