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Artsy Lately: Ryan Coleman

I follow every artist ever featured on Artsy Forager on various social media platforms, which helps me keep an eye on what’s new & wonderful coming out of their studios.  Recently, Atlanta artist Ryan Coleman has been cranking out some staggeringly stunning stuff!! Coleman_UltraDeepField3_18x24_2014 Coleman_UltraDeepField2_final_18x24_2014 Coleman_Reverie1 Coleman_Eclipse Tiffany_18x24_Nov2013 Coleman_eclipse_rainbow_18x24_2014 I first featured Ryan’s work in the Fall of 2011 and over the past few years, it has been such a pleasure to watch his work evolve.  His work consistently has the most amazing light and energy, but these days, there is a more graphic element coming into play that adds incredible depth to the compositions.  He is also playing with the push and pull of negative and positive spaces and I just can’t get enough of it all! To see more of Ryan Coleman’s work, please visit his website, where you can purchase originals as well as prints of Ryan’s work.  And be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram,  etc! All images via the artist’s website.

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