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Artsy Happening: April Arts Alive! in Eureka

You guys, we are loving our new little town so much!  Since we arrived, everyone’s been telling me how many artists there are here in Eureka and that we must check out the monthly art walk, ArtsAlive.  It was a perfect, beautiful evening and it seemed like everyone in Humboldt County was in downtown Eureka, enjoying the spectacular weather and taking it all in.

Hallway gallery collage


I knew there were a few galleries I needed to check out but what I didn’t know was that so there were so many artists with studios downtown and a great many of them were open that night!  I do so love a peek inside artists’ studios!  After checking out the mesmerizing work of Isabelle Staehle at The Black Faun, we wandered through the studios & Hall Gallery at C Street.  Large, high ceilinged, open beam studios with tons of light?  Yes, please.  Mr. F asked if I would like a studio like one of these.. uh yeah, let’s find a way to make that happen!  Lots of people wandering through the halls, and a nice variety of work to be found, from abstract expressionist to folk art inspired to traditional landscapes.  Truly a cornucopia of artsiness!

Augustus Clark studio collage

studio of Augustus Clark

We also wandered through the studios at the Center for Insane Artists.  How could we resist checking it out with a name like that?  Alas, I’ve been unable to find any info for them online.  But a handful of the studios were open, some interesting work to be found there, for sure!

Next stop was Piante Gallery‘s show Metal Pin Cushion featuring work by Sondra Schwetman and Patrick Williams, addressing the process and physicality of fabric.

Piante collage

My favorite stop was First Street Gallery, HSU’s non-profit, off campus art gallery.  No cameras were allowed, but I HAD to share these shows with you, so I pulled images from their website.  Currently, the exhibition space is broken up into two shows, one featuring the work of artist and Stanford University professor Gail Wight, on loan from Patricia Sweetow Gallery.  Wight’s work is an elegant combination of beauty and science, her burned vellum drawings inspired by a 1948 pharmacological study of spiders and her composite digital prints, all drew my eye with their intricate simplicity.


gail wight 

The other half of the gallery was taken over by three North Coast artists, Seana Burden, Jeff Jordan, and Jesse Wiedel in their group exhibition, Laughter in Darkness.  The works of these three artists combine traditional landscape and dream-like imagery often providing commentary on contemporary culture.  I was especially drawn to Burden’s “Boob” paintings in which she creates a fantastical land in which all the subversive messages we are sent each day are much more blatant.

HSU student collage

seana burden, jesse wiedel, and jeff jordan

Like most good art walks, we weren’t able to get to everything, but what we did see gave Mr. F and I lots to chat about over a glass of wine ( or 3! ) at the end of the night.  I hope you’ll check out the websites of these artists and galleries– so much wonderful talent in this area.  I feel so lucky to be here, even if for just a short while.

Gail Wight, Seana Burden, Jesse Wiedel and Jeff Jordan images via HSU website.  All other images by Artsy Forager.

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