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Artsy Dwelling: Where’s Your Artsy Spot

Touring artist studios at last weekend’s ArtsAlive got me day dreaming about my own future work space.  As we travel, I paint either at our dining/kitchen table or on a collapsible easel Mr. F bought me a few years ago.  I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I work out on our pretty little deck!  Where do you like to set up your artistic command center?

If you work small like I do currently, or on paper, maybe a table works for you.  A big flat surface where you can spread out and everything you need is within reach.  And bonus– you get to sit down!

AD_artsy spot_table

michelle morin on anthropologie

Or maybe you’re a traditionalist and working from an easel is your thing.  A good sturdy, adjustable easel is a thing of beauty.  There is one in the window of the local art supply store that I am totally coveting.

AD_artsy spot_easel

katie stratton on a beautiful mess

Perhaps you like working a la Jackson Pollock?  It might be hard on the back, but working on the floor is great for large canvases or getting a different perspective on your work.  And I’m pretty sure it’s a great workout.

AD_artsy spot_floor

isabella ducrot

A lot of artists like to mount their canvases on the wall and if we ever have the extra space, I would love to give this way of working a try.  Would be especially fun in a studio in which you were free to make as big a mess as you wanted!

AD_artsy spot_wall

heather day

A lot of artists don’t have the luxury of a dedicated studio space, so we just find a place to land our artsiness wherever we can!  Maybe it’s the kitchen island or a corner in the attic.  If you’re an artist, wherever you happen to be, that’s your artsy spot.

AD_artsy spot_corner

sarah boyts yoder

So where’s your favorite artsy spot?  I’m off to pin inspiration images for my someday studio!  A girl can dream, right?

All image sources linked above.

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  • PaintedLadyofOP

    THIS ONE really GOT my attention….
    In my Life as an Artist, I have gone from Kitchen Table …to over 2000 sq ft of “ALL MINE” …and now, back to ….the Kitchen Table. In that space of time, I have come to realize that no matter WHERE I’m FORCED to work. Beautiful THINGS CAN and DO happen no matter what the sq footage, lighting, atmosphere, and for THAT I’m GRATEFUL!
    EACH space is a “Work of Art” in itself. (See below) LOL

    for some reason mine doesn’t look quite as INSPIRING as those pictured in your blog, but THIS IS where the MAGIC starts!
    My Artsy Spot is ANYWHERE I AM with my ARTSYSTUFF!
    ….and I gotta lotta ARTSYSTUFF!
    (This is just a small portion of my Artsystuff)

    • Artsy Forager

      So true! We carry our artistry with us wherever we go. Our traveling is definitely teaching me to create anywhere. 😉

  • Rebekah

    I have no dedicated studio space =( But I photograph small things so it’s not too horrible working on the kitchen counter, or on a coffee table, and sometimes I even let nature be my studio which is awesome. I enjoyed your post! Good idea, I will create a future studio Pinterest board too, and if I stare at the photos long enough, it’ll just have to come true =)

    • Artsy Forager

      Haha, Rebekah! If only the staring method would work! 😉

  • Lisa Kramer-murray

    Lovin’ your blog. I found a new place to have an Ah moment in my busy day. ;0) Studio space? Well, lol, I started in a room made for it in my basement; remarried–gave the room to his daughter (repainted Teen-lavender, of course tee hee). Then moved to upstairs to music room, decided I’m to messy to paint next to a grand piano, moved to garage to many bugs dried in my paint and resin works, so moved to sun-room; again too messy, now in basement again, in an area partitioned off with curtains, and tarps covering walls, canvas covering floor! I imagine artists are attracted to this post bc we dream of a creative space all our own… ;0)