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Trading Traditions: Joey Veltkamp

I’ve written before about my admiration for artists using modern quilt making as their medium.   I love the way these artists are taking an old folk tradition and making it fresh.  But there is something altogether different about what Seattle artist Joey Veltkamp is doing with his contemporary art quilts.

Veltkamp_Sissy Goodwin:I am a good person Veltkamp_This is not a protest Veltkamp_Life after God Veltkamp_Seattle Womens Convention Veltkamp_Not What they seem

The quilts, part of an exhibition titled It’s Not a Protest. It’s a Celebration! showing at ArtsWest Playhouse & Gallery in Seattle through June 7th, are part play, part politic and all truth tinged with humor.  Veltkamp is known for his comforting subject matter– imagery of beer and blankets ( two of Mr. F’s favorite things! ) and now taking it a step further by creating his own art quilts and flags.

There is nothing so comforting as being wrapped in a quilt handmade with love– it’s almost like being shrouded in love.  Many of Veltkamp’s quilts carry messages of tolerance and acceptance, a gentle way of saying to the world that we are all the same, all long for the same thing– to be bundled up in love.

To see more of Joey Veltkamp‘s work, please visit his website.  If you’re in Seattle, be sure to check out his show at ArtsWest!

All images via the artist’s website.

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