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Artsy Happening: Announcing the Artsy Forager Collection for Mantle Art !!

If you’re following along with my Foraging on social media, you may have seen me let a little cat out of the bag last week.. Since the end of last year, I’ve been working on a limited edition collaboration with the Seattle based online art & framing company, Mantle Art, and I’m thrilled to announce that the Artsy Forager Collection for Mantle Art is now live!!

In partnership with the folks at Mantle Art, I’ve pulled together this first collection of four emerging artists, each one of whose work I feel speaks strongly and beautifully a unique visual story.  Allow me to introduce you!

alexandra bellissimo | Alexandra is one of my favorite finds of the past year and was the Artsy Forager Featured Artist just last month.  Her work has an edgy elegance to it that I am particularly drawn to.  That top left piece is perhaps one of my all time favorite pieces of work, EVER.  I can’t get enough of it.

Alexandra Bellissimo, The Artsy Forager Collection for Mantle Art #art #artists #photography #collage #affordableart #prints

 click the image above to shop Alexandra’s collection on Mantle Art!

kelda martensen | Kelda was a new discovery for me through this process, but the minute I saw her work, I fell in love with it.  In her original mixed media pieces, Kelda is seeking to define what home may be and though the answer for each of us is different, her work speaks a universal language.  Look for an Artsy Forager feature on Kelda soon!

Kelda Martensen, The Artsy Forager Collection for Mantle Art #art #artists #mixedmedia #affordableart #prints

click the image above to shop Kelda’s collection on Mantle Art!

matt sawyer |  Mr. F had a circle of really super cool friends during his Tulsa days.  And photographer Matt Sawyer just happened to be among them.  When I was putting together artist options for the collection, I wanted a photographer who was treating traditional imagery in a modern, fresh way so I was thrilled when the folks at Mantle Art loved Matt’s work as much as I did!

Matt Sawyer, The Artsy Forager Collection for Mantle Art #art #artists #photography #affordableart #prints

click the image above to shop Matt’s collection on Mantle Art!

anna kincaide | One of the most thrilling things about writing Artsy Forager has been the joy of finding an artist and following the growth of their work.  Anna is one of the artists I’ve been most excited to watch emerge!  I fell in love with her work the first time I saw it and she has only gotten better and better since.  Her compositions are always stunning and the playfulness of pattern, as well as her use of light just create such lovely juxtapositions.

Anna Kincaide, The Artsy Forager Collection for Mantle Art #art #artists #paintings #affordableart #prints

click the image above to shop Anna’s collection on Mantle Art!

Each piece in the Artsy Forager for Mantle Art Collection is available as a limited edition print on Hahnemuhle fine art paper and is available in three sizes 11×14, 16×20, and 20×24.  Edition sizes are limited to 200 pieces per size, and each piece will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity.  Mantle Art also offers matting and framing options for each piece– one stop shopping, ya’ll!

I hope you’ll wander through the collection, perhaps you’ll fall in love and add one of these beauties to your collection!

All images via the Artsy Forager Collection for Mantle Art.

*This post contains affiliate links.  As curator of the Artsy Forager for Mantle Art Collection, I receive a small commission on each piece sold from the collection.

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