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Live the Artsy: Deb Haugen

Home has been a subject in the forefront of our minds lately.  Over the next several years, Mr. F and I are saving like mad so that we can settle down and build a little house that fits our needs and our aesthetic perfectly.  What might that aesthetic be, you ask?  Well, it has a lot in common with the work of this month’s Featured Artist, Deb Haugen— fresh and organic, yet modern.


art | found here

interior | found here

In her work, Deb, a California-girl, balances that lovely line between the modern and organic, often employing watery, free flowing colored forms dotted with graphic ink drawing.  Translating her work into a living space means lots of white walls and furnishings dotted with pops of muted color and warmed with natural textures and graphic punches of black.

A space like this is just dying for a post-beach fire, wine, and conversation!  If you’d like to see more of Deb Haugen‘s work, check out her website AND visit The Trove, Artsy Forager’s new Great.ly boutique gallery where you can find lots of Deb’s work for sale including these lovelies EXCLUSIVE to The Trove!

Haugen_Greatly exclusives collage

work by Deb Haugen available exclusively at The Trove

Please note that the above works are cropped.  You can see the full versions here!

*This post contains affiliate links.  As a Great.ly Tastemaker and curator of The Trove, I receive a small commission on each piece sold from The Trove boutique gallery.

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