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Broken: Sandra Shashou

I’ve always been drawn to the imperfect.. the broken shell on the beach, the scratched and worn kitchen table.  There is something poetic in the brokenness.  In her sculptural series Broken, London artist Sandra Shashou intentionally breaks beautiful pieces of fine china, the broken pieces becoming a part of a new whole.

Shashou_Gold and pink Shashou_Orange and gold Shashou_Edwardian vintage Shashou_White and gold Shashou_Kobalt and Gold


It must be at once heartbreaking and cathartic to smash these lovely things to pieces!  But perfection isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be ( pun intended, ha! ).  Instead of collecting dust in a china cabinet or waiting for a buyer in an antique shop, these pieces are given not just a second chance, but are transformed into a completely new object.  May we all be so lucky!

To see more of Sandra Shashou‘s work, please visit her website.

Images via the artist’s website and Saatchi Online portfolio.

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