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Convergence. Edwige Fouvry.

Trees break free from rocky soil.  The sea crashes onto land.  The natural world is filled with interesting and often incongruent intersections.  In her paintings, French born Brussels based artist Edwige Fouvry calls our attention to those confluences to be found around us.

Edwige Fouvry | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #paintings Edwige Fouvry | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #paintings Edwige Fouvry | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #paintings Fouvry5 Edwige Fouvry | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #paintings


These places of intersection are often some of my favorites– the drama of cliff faces rising above a glassy lake is just too incredible to be true sometimes!  Landscapes remind us of our own juxtapositions, the way our lives don’t always seem to make sense and yet, somehow we continue to thrive.  There is a certain type of wildflower found in Florida that actually needs what we would normally think of as disaster ( wildfire ) in order to grow.  Perhaps it is at those times when the sea crashes onto our shore that though we think we are drowning, we are actually being nourished.

To see more of Edwige Fouvry‘s work, please visit her website.

All images are via the artist’s website.  Artist found via Dolby Chadwick Gallery.

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