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Temporaries. Ann Chamberlin.

We are all in some ways living transitory lives.  None of us are here forever, though some, like Mr. F and I, find ourselves moving from place to place quite often.  Sometimes we stay in one spot long enough that we begin to be recognized at the local coffee shop, but about the time that begins to happen, we move on to the next locale.

Vaiven, New Paintings from Mexico, a new series of paintings by artist Ann Chamberlin now showing at Lora Schlesinger Gallery take their inspiration by the transitory places we find ourselves in– hotels, airports, campgrounds– and the lives and tales unfolding as people drift in and out.
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Chamberlin’s paintings, seen from a not-quite-bird’s-eye view, show a quick glimpse into a moment in these places.  The unremarkable moments are seen, the instances that don’t necessarily burn into our memory, yet are essential to the way these places of transitions feel and function.  For a time we are part of a collective when we find ourselves in these spots.  There’s a kind of kindredship and bonding that happens when we meet others moving through the same space, coming and going to and from so many varied experiences.

To see more of Ann Chamberlin‘s work, please visit her website.  Vaiven, New Paintings from Mexico will be showing at Lora Schlesinger Gallery in LA through July 11, 2015.  If you’re in SoCal, go see it!

All images are via Lora Schlesinger Gallery.

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