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Reflections. Looking Back on 2015.

2015 has been a year of extremes.  I experienced a deep, profound loss in the death of my mother, as well as moments of powerful beauty and a incredibly productive and exciting year of painting.

Only Love Can Bring the Rain by Lesley Frenz | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #abstractart

only love can bring the rain, 2015, acrylic on canvas panel, 6×6

As the year comes to an end, I choose to focus on the positive things that happened this year.  There were so many!  Because I love a good list, here’s a wrap up–

Blog posts published 169

Artists assisted through Forager Services 4

Total consulting projects completed 17

Artist website launched 1

Paintings finished 43 

Paintings sold 2 (!!)

States lived in 3

Towns lived in 4

National parks visited 6

Hikes taken & inspiration gained COUNTLESS

It has been an amazing year despite the stress, the worrying, the painful loss.  I am ready to get a new year underway as I prepare for my March show at Art & Light Gallery and can’t wait to see what else 2016 brings!

Happy New Year!



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  • Pippin Schupbach

    Happy new year! I love the list you shared of accomplishments. I am in love with your paintings. Wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2016!

    • Artsy Forager

      Thanks so much, Pippin! Looking forward to sharing my new body of work with you here on the blog soon! Happy New Year!