LATITUDE Show & Series

Showing. A Look at LATITUDE.

Ya’ll it has been a whirlwind few months.  Followed by a whirlwind five days in Greenville, SC for the opening of my LATITUDE show at Art & Light Gallery!  Greenville welcomed me with warmth and sunshine and made this Northwestern girl feel right at home.

Lesley Frenz, LATITUDE solo show at Art & Light Gallery #art #artgalleries #artshows #greenville

Teresa Roche, the owner and curator of Art & Light has created such a beautiful space!  From the moment you step on the front porch and open the screen door ( so Southern, ya’ll! ), the space feels like stepping into sunshine.  The house turned gallery/ art studios exudes old Southern charm, yet its clean white walls and sparse rustic furnishings feel completely modern.  The mix of contemporary and organic is perfect for my work!  Want to take a peek inside?  Come on in!

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Because A&L is housed in an old Greenville home, the galleries are small rooms perfect for wandering.  Candidly, I was a bit worried that my work was too Northwestern in feel to fit in with Greenville’s historic, Old South vibe.

I was so surprised not only with how beautifully it fit, but with how many Gville folks either had NW connections or found their own LATITUDE moments in mine.

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Ceramic artist Dee Sullivan created custom pottery pieces to go with the LATITUDE paintings, such a treat and they were just perfect!  If I had a home to put them in I would have gladly purchased several, one wall pocket especially caught my eye ( and everyone else’s I might add! ).

My family came in from Florida and North Carolina to be with me and see the show but I also have a new Greenville family! Thank you to Teresa, Kiah, Everett and all the Greenville folks who have made this show such a success! There’s still time to see LATITUDE, the work will be up at Art & Light through the end of March. And if you’re not in Greenville, you can peruse all the paintings on my website.

Most images by me.  Family group photo and panoramic gallery photo by my sister-in-law.  Greenville family photo by Everett Waldrep.

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