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Mapping the Rockies. David Pirrie.

You guys, there are some artist’s work that I just adore.  And I just can’t help but share with you when such an artist has a new body of work to share or a solo show that you must see!  Artist David Pirrie has a solo show, Mapping the Rockies, at Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver, BC until April 30th.

In the artist’s own words, “I use the dots and grids to represent coordinate plotting, metaphorically pointing to the impermanence of their man-made structures that attempt to prescribe location at the intersection of human and geological time. I also paint evidence of erosion, hoping to remind us of the temporal nature of the mountains which, seemingly anchored in time, force us to acknowledge our transient existence on this earth.”

Pirrie_Mt-Phillips-BC-Rockies-24x24-700 Pirrie_Mt-Garibaldi-Warren-Glacier-30x36-700 Pirrie_Mt-Sir-Sanford-48x60-700 Pirrie_Columbia-Icefield-1_125000-Rockies-62x62-700 1-12

If you are in the Vancouver area, get to Ian Tan Gallery & see this show before it closes!  See the show paintings here and more of David’s work on his website.

Images from Ian Tan Gallery and David Pirrie.

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