My Paintings VENTERS series

True. Artistic Identity.

Soft, moody.  Bold & brushy.  Which am I?

Once, in a job interview, I was asked what my favorite fashion brand was.  I told the interviewer, I would love to be a Free People girl.  But I think I’m more Anthropologie.  And I think it’s the same with painting.  I’ve gone through this questioning before, a few years ago, and thought I’d come to a happy conclusion.

But voices come in from all directions and we give them heed, perhaps we should but more than likely we shouldn’t.

Am I making work that makes my heart sing, that challenges me or am I making work that focuses on the way other people respond to it?

Give Me Your Forever by Lesley Frenz | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #abstractart

give me your forever, 2016, acrylic on cradled wood panel, 12×12

available at art & light gallery

I’m a quiet person.  I’m not loud or brash or even sparkly.  I’m introspective.  Some might say mysterious, since I usually keep my cards close to the vest.  Why would I try to make work that doesn’t reflect who I truly am?

As I was beginning the VENTERS series, I experimented a bit with slightly bolder movement and texture and while successful, the more quiet and soft paintings that have come lately feel more “me”.  I just finished up four more small coastal inspired pieces and am starting on larger canvases this week.  They are turning out beautifully and sharing them will feel like sharing my heart.  As art should be.  I can’t wait for you to see, stay tuned!

Image by me.


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