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I’ve never been an early riser.  So catching the sun rise over the Atlantic when I lived in Florida didn’t happen often.  But being on the West Coast, sunsets have become my happy place.  At least three evenings a week, the Mr. and I walk the mile and a half from our apartment then down (and back up, ugh!) 188 steps to Richmond Beach on Puget Sound.  Many Friday evenings we take a bottle of wine and end the week watching the colors slowly shift over the Sound.  It is an incredibly peaceful and lovely way to begin the weekend.

Sunset over Richmond Beach

Last night’s display was so incredible that Instagrammers all over the Seattle area were posting their sunset views.  We were all taking in and experiencing the same collective beauty but each from our own unique perspective.  What a gift of a communal yet individual experience!

These magical sunset views are informing my new work in the VENTERS series– not always literally, but in the way the light becomes soft and dreamy, how the sun melts into the horizon, the way the colors morph and move one into another.

See the current VENTERS paintings on my website here.  The newer paintings are even softer and more dreamy, if you can believe it!  Can’t wait to show you.

Image by me.

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