This Artsy Life


Summer is the season for slowing down.  For taking time.  While I’ve been working in the studio a lot over these last few months, this summer has also been about renewal.  As often as we can, whether it is a long walk down to the beach or a secluded hike or a weekend of camping, we are cultivating a habit of intentional quiet time.


As we approached the shore of Richmond Beach a few days ago, we happened upon an amazing installation of more than 30 cairns stacked along and in the water’s edge.  We marveled at the time and patience it must have taken to create each of those sculptures, knowing that they are temporal.  Creating art feels much the same– I work long and hard at painting, only to one day ship it off, where it will hopefully, go on to live a life completely apart from me.  My time with my work is fleeting.  But the hours spent creating it are the best kind of quiet meditation.

Image by me.

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