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If you’re following along with me on Instagram, you may have seen a new series of tiny paintings I’ve been creating, SCINTILLA.

These 4″ square works on deep cradled wood panel began as an exercise to fill the time while larger paintings dried.  I always find myself falling in love with the earliest stage of a painting– the stage in which I paint in a monochromatic palette to work out basic light, contrast, and composition.   So I thought these little pieces would be the perfect avenue to explore those monochromes as finished work.


Beginning with one color, then adding white and grey for light and contrast, the compositions emerge intuitively.  I try not to begin with a set idea in mind, but instead allow a trace of a landscape to emerge slowly.


The first eight of the SCINTILLA paintings are currently hanging at Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento as part of their Small Gems show!  Check out the EFG website for pricing and contact information for the gallery.

I’m looking forward to creating more in this series after I get settled into my new studio in Tacoma. Oh yeah, did I not mention we’re headed to Tacoma for the next six months?  🙂

I’ll check in again once we get settled!  Meanwhile, check out the SCINTILLA series and all the other Small Gems on the EFG website!

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  • These are super, I love the tonal quality, it’s super to see you pop up in my feed again 🙂
    Erin | Erin Veness’ Dead

    • Artsy Forager

      Hi Erin! Thanks so much! I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting the blog as of late.. I’m thrilled you’re still following along! 🙂

  • zeeshan ali

    i began this blog in 2009. i met a group of women in graduate school, some of whom had blogs. i began my own in an effort to channel some of their chicness and devil may care attitude. those women are trendsetters so needless to say their blogs are long gone. but here i am, six years later.