My Paintings Process

Practice. #watercolorsandcoffee

They say practice makes perfect, right?  Last year’s #100littleartworks project brought me not only a love of watercolors but also to the appreciation for daily creativity, even on the busiest of days.  At the end of last year, I began to cultivate the habit of creating everyday, usually in the morning over my second cup of coffee.  And so #watercolorsandcoffee was begun!  

12 | 20 | 16 #watercolorsandcoffee 12 | 21 | 16 #watercolorsandcoffee 12 | 26 | 16 #watercolorsandcoffee

Ordering more moleskin sketchbooks today!  Follow along on Instagram under the hashtag #watercolorsandcoffee!

Images by me.

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  • Frances Louise Rice

    Thanks so much for this inspiration! I tend to get so bogged down with juggling my three part time jobs and being a parent that I haven’t made a serious commitment to creating art on a daily basis in an embarrassingly long time. I also heard another inspiration from David Sazuki which is 30 minutes a day outside. Right now that’s challenging for me because the days are short, but if I could commit to these two things I think it would make a huge difference in my overall outlook and zest for living!

    • Artsy Forager

      Hi Frances! Three part time jobs and a mommy? You definitely have your hands full! The daily thing is definitely a challenge but I’ve found social media to be a great tool for keeping me accountable. I’ve heard the Sazuki suggestion to, and am always amazed at how much better my mood is after just a short walk, even at night with the hubby. Hope you can carve out time in the New Year!