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Wearing. My Studio Style.

Every artist has their own style, not just in the work itself, but in the way they work.  What we wear in the studio has as much to do with our personal style as it does with our working style.  Messy painters and sculptors probably don’t wear precious clothing or jewelry in the studio!

My own personal studio style is an extension of what I like to wear every day.  I don’t like changing clothes throughout the day and since I work freelance from home, I can pretty much wear whatever I like.  I do, however, like to feel “ready” to work– I never roll out of bed in my pjs and get to work.  Putting on my studio clothes is as much a signal to get down to painting as putting on my favorite music.

So what do I wear in the studio?  Comfy clothes and shoes for a start.

My favorites are a t-shirt or tank under an oversized flannel or chambray with stretchy leggings.


I layer up because mornings here in the PNW are usually chilly but if I’m working hard, I’ll soon need to strip off that top layer. Fashion faux pas or not, leggings let me move easily and comfortably and they are my fave.  I buy the cheapies from Target so I don’t feel guilty when they end up with paint on them. 

Since living in the PNW, I can wear my most comfy old boots in the studio for most of the year.  

Photo Sep 22, 2 22 12 PM

In the warmer summer months, I opt for cheap flip flops I don’t mind getting paint and medium all over.  Although, this year I’ve noticed a difference in the way my legs feel after wearing the flip flops in the studio all day so think I need to find a more orthopedically friendly choice.. ugh. Getting old is for the birds, ya’ll.


I always wear an apron in the studio– since we’re traveling light, my clothes need to be able to do double duty, so I can’t really have a set of clothes just for the studio.  A sturdier apron works best for me, since I tend to use a lot of glazing medium, which has a heavy, glue like consistency and will go right through thinner aprons (which I discovered the hard way).  


I rarely remember to remove my rings and watch before I start working, but find that acrylics clean up off them easily enough if I get super messy. 


How about you? What’s your best get down to work wear?

Side note: All those artists I see on Instagram painting in bikinis or cute dresses and heels? No way you’re actually painting in that.  Let’s be real with ourselves and each other.

All images by me.


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