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Review 2017.

Another year is nearly in the books, ya’ll!  This year was one of the most “settled” we’ve had in our nearly seven years of traveling– we were in Tacoma until the end of November and I had my own little dedicated studio space for all that time.  It was very good for my creative energy  and artistic well being!

As much as the travel and new places fuels my inspiration, the stability of being in one place helped give me the time and space to work out lots of ideas in the studio!

Lesley Frenz ECHOES Lesley Frenz ECHOES Lesley Frenz ECHOES Lesley Frenz CAESURA Lesley Frenz SCINTILLA

acrylic paintings completed 38

 While the number of completed acrylics this year was lower than last, I explored abstraction more than before and felt more emboldened to try out some different ideas.  I found my groove in the reflection inspired ECHOES series, completed a second round of the tiny SCINTILLA series, began a new wilderness inspired series LEMOLO, a conglomerate of my CAESURA explorations and my earlier LATITUDE series.

Lesley Frenz watercolors

Lesley Frenz watercolors

Lesley Frenz watercolors

watercolors completed 40

2017 found me diving more into watercolors after my #the100dayproject last year. I explored a range of techniques and forays into abstraction with watercolors this year. In addition to the larger watercolors, I continued my almost daily #watercolorsandcoffee practice.

A goal of mine for 2017 was to increase my experience with commissioned work and I’m proud to have completed 3 commissioned pieces for clients in Florida, Boston, and Vancouver, BC.

Lesley Frenz commission

28×36 acrylic commission

Lesley Frenz commission

36×44 watercolor commission

Lesley Frenz commission

60×36 acrylic commission

Be on the lookout for a new Commissions page on with more info on past commissions and my process for working with you on a commissioned piece!

This year was busy with shows and events, too– Enormous Tiny Art #21 & #22 at Nahcotta in NH, ICON at Lynn Hanson Gallery in Seattle, and a Pop Up with Seattle Art Source.  As well as new representation with Seattle Art Source and Stellers Gallery Ponte Vedra.

I’m in the throes of beginning a new series and am excited to see where this new direction and new year will take me!

Lesley Frenz #watercolorsandcoffee

See you in 2018!

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