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Daily Artsy Drawing Figurative

Humanity. Heidi Draley McFall.

I see it every day among my friends and family on social media.  Division.  Us vs. them.  Outright hatred. It is so disheartening to see such vitriol leveled against people we don’t even know.  It all seems so pointless.…

Daily Artsy Landscapes Paintings

Commune. Kate Shaw.

Our time here in the Bay Area is getting short.  As of today, we have less than a month left in Marin County.  We’ve tried to take full advantage of the area’s beauties, but every time we venture out…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Branching. Ember Fairbairn.

A tree isn’t just its trunk.  To thrive, a tree needs healthy branches.  It needs to be reaching for light, nourished to its tips from within.  Those branches become the homes of birds and squirrels, providing subtle, swishing music…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Sculpture

Bound. Pava Wulfert.

It doesn’t always take another person to imprison us.  We can often bind ourselves up without any outside help– whether by our own thoughts, or actions, or expectations.  It’s a challenge just to get out of our own way.…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Submerged. Wendi Turchan.

Having spent the last two summers on the Northern California coast, where the water doesn’t warm up too much between winter and summer, it’s been a while since I took a swim.  When I was young, spending summers at…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Chicness. Ryan Jones.

Once upon a time, I was one of those girls.  Saturdays were for shopping.  Fashion magazines were poured over.  Hours were spent pursuing just the right pair of shoes.  Rinse and repeat.  For years.  Now don’t get me wrong,…

Keever_abstract 878
Abstract Art Daily Artsy Photography

Submersions. Kim Keever.

Re-entering the real world after so many hours, weeks, months spent by my mom’s side has been more of a struggle than I might have imagined.  There was, of course, a desire for a return to normality, to get…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Superfluity. Amanda Krantz.

If I could think of any one way to honor my mom’s memory in my life going forward– it could be summed up in one word. MORE. These paintings by Melbourne artist Amanda Krantz teem with color, movement, and life,…

Libman_distant memory
Daily Artsy Landscapes Mixed Media

Surfaces. Mila Libman.

We have a tendency to make snap judgements, to see in monochromes.  You believe “A”, so you must be “B”.  We quickly demonize and categorize without knowing the full story. In her monochromatic pastel and ink drawings, artist Mila Libman finishes…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Sculpture

Crevices. Sean Newport.

As humans, none of us are one dimensional.  We are a mashed up conglomerate of peaks and valleys, opposing polarities that often don’t make sense.  It is when we reach below the surface, into the crevices where the true…