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Daily Artsy


31 of 100, watercolor on vellum, 6×6 This holiday season has been such a blur!  The Mr. is down with a cold, so we’ll be laying low these next few days and I must say, I can’t wait to…

Daily Artsy

Mapping the Rockies. David Pirrie.

You guys, there are some artist’s work that I just adore.  And I just can’t help but share with you when such an artist has a new body of work to share or a solo show that you must…

Daily Artsy

Nomads. Melanie Biehle.

The world wide web can be a strange place.  We “meet” folks with whom we share interests and affinities.  Friendships are made with people we’ve never laid eyes on in real life.  Seattle artist Melanie Biehle and I share…

Ashland studio apron
Daily Artsy

Dualities. A Tale of Two Studios.

As any artist will tell you, having a studio space to call your own is a privilege, a luxury.  Since Mr. F and I are moving from furnished rental to furnished rental as we travel, the options among rentals…

New year new name
Daily Artsy

New! Social Media Update.

Artsy Forager is now Lesley Frenz!  On social media, anyway.  Here on the blog, you can still call me Artsy.  Or Lesley.  Or hey you with the paintbrush! With the advent of a new year I decided it was…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Cages. Bradley Wood.

Every person’s cage is of a different sort.  We may feel trapped by our jobs, our circumstances, even the things that we own.  Even the most opulent and luxurious of places can seem like a prison.  As I begin…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Seizing. Benjamin Britton.

We know that we have at least three months here in Southeastern Idaho.  But we are now into Autumn and the season can be short lived at the higher elevations where we most want to explore.  So Mr. F…

Climent_at the center
Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Space.  Tom Climent.

Now that we are settled in for the next three months in Idaho Falls, we’ve been exploring the surrounding area every weekend.  This part of Idaho is a close neighbor to Wyoming and Montana, Big Sky country.  That hemmed…

Daily Artsy Photography

Transitioning. Sarah Illenberger.

Today may officially mark the last day of summer, but for weeks now, summer’s glow has been slowly fading.  The hots days have grown weary and we’ve rejoiced in a new, cooler breeze.  It is always an interesting time,…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Strength. Courtney Murphy.

For centuries, women have been defined as the “fairer”, even the “weaker” sex.  Daintiness, extreme ideas of femininity were valued and celebrated.  Yet it is in exactly what defines us as feminine in which our greatest strengths lie. Praised…