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Structures. Howard Hersh.

hover over the photo above then click through for a peek into the artist’s studio We live our lives in and within structures.  From the house we call home, to the universe itself, to our very bodies, structure has…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Piecing. Tessa Greene O’Brien.

As Mr. F and I travel, we are in search of a place to call home.  In each new spot, we find something that we love. If we could, we would piece together our favorite breakfast place from Idaho,…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Overlap. Alyson Shotz.

We’re currently in a state of limbo.  That window when our time in one place is winding down while we’re beginning the journey on to the next.  Right now, we have one foot in California and one ready to…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Dualities. Shawn Skeir.

There often two sides to every story.  And every place.  As we travel and live in so many different places, we see the good and the not so good in each.  In his Weaving Landscapes, Toronto artist Shawn Skeir creates…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Melting. Jenny Sharaf.

Melting happens when the ions or molecules in a solid break down to a less ordered state.  I feel like we could learn a thing or two from that giving way to a chaotic existence. The abstract paintings by…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Slowing. Tracy Rocca.

Busyness.  For a long time we seemed to pride ourselves on it, comparing schedules at dinner parties like trading war stories.  Somewhere along the line we were brainwashed into thinking busyness = importance, worth, value. But really the opposite…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Color. Yago Hortal.

Monochromatic.  Neutral. Boring.  Does it ever seem like life just flows from one ordinary and unremarkable day into the next?  In a world dominated by screens and engines, we’ve created a universe that seems devoid of real life and…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Circles. Benjamin Cook.

You have yours, I have mine.  Sometimes they overlap, often times they don’t.  Our worlds are made up of our circles– of friends, of family, of colleagues.  Some people like to keep their circles separate, no mixing of worlds…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Branching. Ember Fairbairn.

A tree isn’t just its trunk.  To thrive, a tree needs healthy branches.  It needs to be reaching for light, nourished to its tips from within.  Those branches become the homes of birds and squirrels, providing subtle, swishing music…

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Bound. Pava Wulfert.

It doesn’t always take another person to imprison us.  We can often bind ourselves up without any outside help– whether by our own thoughts, or actions, or expectations.  It’s a challenge just to get out of our own way.…