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Deconstructing Dumbo: Benjamin Cohen

The best art leads us on a search– within our world, within the work, within ourselves.  It makes us slow down and look with deep, fresh eyes to find a connection.  It is what this Artsy Foraging is all about, the journey of the search.  The work of Benjamin Cohen leads us on a magical mystery tour of places familiar yet foreign.

Benjamin Cohen | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #contemporaryart

Benjamin Cohen | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #contemporaryart Benjamin Cohen | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #contemporaryart

Benjamin Cohen | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #contemporaryart Benjamin Cohen | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #contemporaryart


Cohen’s abstract conglomerations of interior and exterior scenes are like an amusement ride for the eyes.  He drifts in and out of abstraction and we catch just enough glimpses of what might be surrounding us to feel comforted by the associations.  Yet the heart still races as we aren’t quite sure that all is what it seems.

To see more of Benjamin Cohen‘s work, please visit his website.

Images via the artist’s Saatchi Online portfolio.  Artist found via Christina Foard.

Detritus Reformed: Aurora Robson

Whenever we’re out hiking, one of our pet peeves is spotting trash and debris in wild places.  We inevitably come across a bit of litter no matter where we happen to be exploring and always try to do our best to pick up what we can.  Yet we all consume and discard so much every day without even thinking.  Multi-media artist Aurora Robson transforms plastic debris into beautiful, life-like structures.
Aurora Robson | artsy forager #art #artists #sculpture #contemporaryart Aurora Robson | artsy forager #art #artists #sculpture #contemporaryart Aurora Robson | artsy forager #art #artists #sculpture #contemporaryart Aurora Robson | artsy forager #art #artists #sculpture #contemporaryart Aurora Robson | artsy forager #art #artists #sculpture #contemporaryartIn Robson’s hands, plastic pieces of detritus like those that litter the oceans morph into sea creature like beings, similar to those life forms whose very existence is endangered by the debris.  The material gives the sculptures a graceful, ethereal quality, belying the perilous threat posed by their very existence.

To see more of Aurora Robson‘s work, please visit her website.

All images via the artist’s website.


Unruly Surfaces: Howard Sherman

Last week, while Mr. F and I were out with a few of his work colleagues, we discovered that, at a table of four adults in their 30s/40s, every single one of us came from a divorced family. It seems that we all become torn and tattered as life gets ahold of us.  Not just the kids of divorce, but anyone who’s gone through pain, suffering, and loss.  But it’s how we deal with our circumstances that determines the people we become.  In his mixed media work, artist Howard Sherman uses a process of addition and subtraction to create unruly surfaces that result in a beautiful mess.

Howard Sherman | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #collage #contemporaryart #abstractart Howard Sherman | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #collage #contemporaryart #abstractart Howard Sherman | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #collage #contemporaryart #abstractart Howard Sherman | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #collage #contemporaryart #abstractart Howard Sherman | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #collage #contemporaryart #abstractart

Just as we react to our own situation, Sherman describes his work process as a bit of “call and response”.. Each action creates a reaction, and it is up to the artist whether the result is something to keep or cover up.  Just as we act and react to people, events, and circumstances in our lives, it is up to us to decide how we are affected and what our own final composition will be.

To see more of Howard Sherman‘s work, please visit his website.

All images via the artist’s website.  Artist found via New American Paintings.

Liquid Amore: Mallory Page

We’ve all been there.  Those incredible moments when we first fall in love– like walking on clouds, floating on the gentle rock of a warm ocean.  We are consumed in total by our love, seeing the world through a veil of ardor.  In her large scale abstract paintings, New Orleans artist Mallory Page allows thoughts of the different kinds of love we experience to guide her through the mystical world of abstraction.

Mallory Page | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #paintings #contemporaryart Mallory Page | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #paintings #contemporaryart Mallory Page | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #paintings #contemporaryart Mallory Page | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #paintings #contemporaryart Mallory Page | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #paintings #contemporaryart


From the passion of first love to the warmth of a lasting friendship, Page captures the way our emotions flow into and out of one another, gradual shifts often happening before we even notice them.  Intense, dark color gives way to translucent light.  Aren’t these just stunning?  Just like love, they’ve totally drawn me in.

To see more of Mallory Page‘s work, please visit her website.

All images are via the artist’s website.

Live the Artsy: Deb Haugen

Home has been a subject in the forefront of our minds lately.  Over the next several years, Mr. F and I are saving like mad so that we can settle down and build a little house that fits our needs and our aesthetic perfectly.  What might that aesthetic be, you ask?  Well, it has a lot in common with the work of this month’s Featured Artist, Deb Haugen– fresh and organic, yet modern.


art | found here

interior | found here

In her work, Deb, a California-girl, balances that lovely line between the modern and organic, often employing watery, free flowing colored forms dotted with graphic ink drawing.  Translating her work into a living space means lots of white walls and furnishings dotted with pops of muted color and warmed with natural textures and graphic punches of black.

A space like this is just dying for a post-beach fire, wine, and conversation!  If you’d like to see more of Deb Haugen‘s work, check out her website AND visit The Trove, Artsy Forager’s new boutique gallery where you can find lots of Deb’s work for sale including these lovelies EXCLUSIVE to The Trove!

Haugen_Greatly exclusives collage

work by Deb Haugen available exclusively at The Trove

Please note that the above works are cropped.  You can see the full versions here!

*This post contains affiliate links.  As a Tastemaker and curator of The Trove, I receive a small commission on each piece sold from The Trove boutique gallery.

Prevailing Beauty: Megan Weston

I am never not struck by the incredible beauty of this planet we call home any time Mr. Forager and I are out hiking.  It is amazing to think of the way this earth evolves, adapts, endures.  In these beautiful mixed media paintings, Australian artist Megan Weston, in her own words “presents our earth as fragile and damaged by our selfish behavior, but also demonstrates that its beauty still survives“.

Megan Weston | artsy forager #art #artists #contemporaryart #abstractart #mixedmedia Megan Weston | artsy forager #art #artists #contemporaryart #abstractart #mixedmedia Megan Weston | artsy forager #art #artists #contemporaryart #abstractart #mixedmedia Megan Weston | artsy forager #art #artists #contemporaryart #abstractart #mixedmedia Megan Weston | artsy forager #art #artists #contemporaryart #abstractart #mixedmedia


Inspired by aerial landscapes, these mixed media paintings seem to whirl and swirl within their planetary atmosphere.  Just as the earth is filled with wonder and variety, Weston’s work leads the viewer on an imaginary journey around its circumference.  We don’t know if we’re looking at storm systems brewing from above or microscopic views of tiny bits of our planet.  As the colors bleed and blend, we are left with the assurance that no matter how we abuse it, this ever changing earth will endure long after we have left it.

To see more of Megan Weston‘s work, please visit her website.

All images are via the artist’s website.

Luscious Piles: Susan Carr

You guys know I love some thick goopy paint!  These small paintings by Susan Carr may just be the densest, most luscious piles of paint I’ve ever laid my artsy eyes on.

Susan Carr | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #contemporaryart Susan Carr | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #contemporaryart Susan Carr | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #contemporaryart Susan Carr | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #contemporaryart

Susan Carr | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #contemporaryart


I’m in love with the way these paths of paint wind their way up, down, and around each canvas, blending and weaving together like rainbowed tree bark.  I mean, I kind of want to dip a corn chip into that goodness and eat it.  But I won’t.  However, I will just sit here and admire and wish I could run my fingers over all that lovely paint.

To see more work by Susan Carr, please visit her page at Saatchi Art or her representing gallery’s website.

All images via the Giampietro Gallery website.

The Artsy Nature: Yellowstone & Amy Donaldson

Judging from the blog’s title & if you’ve been reading for awhile, you’ve probably guessed that Mr. F and I are the outdoorsy types.  We both thrive on time spent among the quiet beauty of the outdoors, whether surrounded by snow-capped mountains or digging our toes into the black sand of Northwest beaches.  I’m finding artistic inspiration in nature for my own series of work, so why not find it in the work of other artists, too?  Often when I see an artist’s work, my mind connects it to the memory of a place I’ve been or a detail observed or sometimes, an outdoor scene will call the artist’s work to mind.  It’s the whole chicken vs. egg thing, but this time, with art and nature.

So with this post, I’m launching a new series, The Artsy Nature, in which I pair a photograph from our traverses in the great outdoors with a piece of artwork.

TAN_Donaldson collage

photo | spring at The Black Sand Basin, Yellowstone National Park by Artsy Forager

art | Purpose by Amy Donalson

One of my absolute favorite features in the wondrous beauty that is Yellowstone were the geysers and hot springs.  Algae and micro bacteria create gorgeously saturated coloration in the most heavenly palette.

Nature is the most spectacular of canvases, isn’t it?  Look for more The Artsy Nature posts coming your way!

Photo by Artsy Forager, art image credit linked above.

June Featured Artist: Deb Haugen

There are certain artists whose work just instantly resonates with me.  Perhaps it’s their style or subject matter, but in the case of this month’s Featured Artist, Deb Haugen, it’s both.  When I first saw her work waaay back in 2011, I immediately responded to the free flowing naturalness to her work.

Deb Haugen | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #contemporaryart Deb Haugen | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #contemporaryart Deb Haugen | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #contemporaryart Deb Haugen | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #contemporaryart Deb Haugen | artsy forager #art #artists #abstractart #contemporaryart


Since then, Deb’s work has evolved beautifully, in some cases incorporating graphic drawing as in her ink pieces featured above.  These intuitive drawings have a delicious tension between the concrete illustrative quality of intricate patterns and the bright, watery world surrounding them.

I’m not the only one who is drawn to these organic beauties– Neiman Marcus and Crate & Barrel have both carried Deb’s prints ( currently available through Neiman Marcus, new large print to come for C&B! ).  But you can also purchase Deb’s work directly through her own website shop!  Gorgeous work at super affordable prices, you can’t go wrong!

To see more of Deb Haugen‘s work, please visit her website and be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up with what she’s up to!  You’ll be seeing more of Deb’s work around the blog & Artsy Forager social media all June long!

All images via the artist’s website.

Finding My Own Artsy: Feminine Wiles, Painting Ten

It’s been a while since I shared a new Feminine Wiles piece with you!  I’ve been so distracted by the gorgeous weather, hikes with Mr. F, and my new series on paper, that I let the FW pieces slip a bit.  But then Sunday came and along with it a warm and sunny afternoon, so I spent some time painting out on our little deck.  When I was ruminating on starting this series,   iconic feminine film icons were popping into my noggin’ and Rita Hayworth‘s Gilda was among the first to come to mind.

Feminine Wiles, Painting Ten: Rita Hayworth as Gilda #art #artists #paintings #abstractart #contemporaryart

found here

In the 1946 black & white film noir, Rita Hayworth plays title character Gilda, the passionate and beautiful songstress wife of an illegal casino owner.  The film plays out a dark love triangle between Gilda, casino owner husband Mundson, and Gilda’s former love, and indebted confidante to Mundson, Johnny Farrell.

The 40s film is teeming with tension– crime, secrets, anger, revenge.  It’s not wonder costume designer Jean Louis outfitted the femme fatale character is slinky black, reminiscent of Sargent’s Madame X.

Feminine Wiles, Painting Ten: Rita Hayworth as Gilda #art #artists #paintings #abstractart #contemporaryart

Rita Hayworth as Gilda Mundson Farrell in Gilda, acrylic on canvas panel, 6×6

My darkest FW piece yet, it also has a slightly looser feel– something that I thought fit the characterization of Gilda so well– full of turmoil and contradiction.

To see more from the Feminine Wiles series, check out the series portfolio page.  Up next?  I’m thinking a little Monroe. ;-)

Film image source linked above, painting by Lesley Frenz.

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