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Collage Daily Artsy

Curiosities. Mairi Timoney.

Mr. F and I do a lot of exploring in unfamiliar territory.  Weekends often find us driving down new roads to see what we can find.  Since we only stay in each place for a short time, we usually…

Collage Daily Artsy Figurative

Memorials. Mackenzie Reynolds.

Happy Memorial Day to all the US Artsies out there!  And happy Monday to everyone else!  Considering today’s holiday, the What It’s Worth series by Wisconsin artist Mackenzie Reynolds, which explores the visual memories lost from one generation to…

Abstract Art Collage Daily Artsy Drawing

Parallels. Sarah Gee Miller.

One of my favorite scenes when we’re road tripping is when the highway follows the path of a river.  We wind through the mountains, all the while the rushing turquoise water next to the highway seeming to follow the…

Collage Daily Artsy

Explorations. Amy Alice Thompson.

Before the mister and I began traveling together, I lived in the same city my entire life.  The urge to wander was always there, lurking beneath the surface.  I would feed it now and again with weekend trips with…

Collage Daily Artsy Figurative Photography

Dissections. Jean Faucheur.

Mr. F and I have been doing a lot of breaking it down lately.  No, that isn’t some sort of euphemism and no, I don’t mean breakdancing.  We’ve been apartment hunting in Marin County, where we’ve just landed for…

Collage Daily Artsy

Perspectives. Matthew Shelley.

What’s that quote about the strongest tree is the one that bends instead of breaks?  I can’t remember it exactly and Google isn’t cooperating.  But I’ve been thinking about flexibility a lot lately.  Maybe it’s a product of getting…

Murphy_flights and drops
Abstract Art Collage Daily Artsy

Constructions. Ryan Sarah Murphy.

Like any other couple, Mr. F and I talk a lot about our future.  One frequent topic of discussion these days is our future home.  To build or not to build.  What does our ideal home look like? Maybe…

Smith_Tiny Gold triangles
Collage Daily Artsy

Piles of Pieces. M Michael Smith.

I like to think of life like a puzzle.  We are given all these disjointed bits yet they fit together in a way that is unique to our own personality and experience.  These collages by Cincinnati artist M Michael…

Collage Daily Artsy Figurative

Worlds Unreal. Sajjad Musa

Does it seem sometimes that the world is just becoming more and more bizarre?  No?  It’s just me then.  The horrors we see being perpetrated around the world on one hand vs. the insanity of celebrity culture that seems…

Sherman_Franchise Player
Abstract Art Collage Daily Artsy Paintings

Unruly Surfaces: Howard Sherman

Last week, while Mr. F and I were out with a few of his work colleagues, we discovered that, at a table of four adults in their 30s/40s, every single one of us came from a divorced family. It…