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Daily Artsy Drawing Figurative

Humanity. Heidi Draley McFall.

I see it every day among my friends and family on social media.  Division.  Us vs. them.  Outright hatred. It is so disheartening to see such vitriol leveled against people we don’t even know.  It all seems so pointless.…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Drawing

Immersions. Kathleen Holder.

As we travel, each place becomes a part of who we are, who we are becoming.  We carry their influence with us.  Some penetrate and saturate us more than others. These pastels by Texas artist Kathleen Holder catch me right in…

Abstract Art Collage Daily Artsy Drawing

Parallels. Sarah Gee Miller.

One of my favorite scenes when we’re road tripping is when the highway follows the path of a river.  We wind through the mountains, all the while the rushing turquoise water next to the highway seeming to follow the…

Yerpe detail
Daily Artsy Drawing Figurative

Tumbling On: Leah Yerpe

Sometimes it feels as if we are simply tumbling through life, being swayed to and fro like a pinball or a tumbleweed.  In these incredible large scale drawings, Brooklyn artist Leah Yerpe multiplies her figures as they spill through the…

Gjurasic_Puffball Bonsai I
Daily Artsy Drawing Sculpture

Puffball Bonsai: Alexandra Gjurasic

I am loving these little Puffball Bonsai sculptures by Alexandra Gjurasic.  They make me happy with their colorful stripes and cotton candy poufs.  I could just leave it at that.  But I like to take things a little deeper.…

Daily Artsy Drawing Mixed Media Sculpture

Earthly Balance: Hannah Chalew

This planet we live on is an incredible example of a delicate balancing.  I’m always amazed to read stories about the ripple effect one tiny plant or micro organism may have on an entire eco-culture.  Often it is man…

Daily Artsy Drawing Photography

A Letter to Molly: Graeme Mitchell

It seems such a shame that we hardly write letters anymore.  Especially love letters.  There was once a time when a couple’s main source of communication before marriage was the exchange of letters.  Putting thoughts and feelings into words,…

Daily Artsy Drawing Figurative Mixed Media Paintings

Confused Identities: Winifred Johnson Brewer

Its so easy sometimes to lose sight of exactly who we are.  Circumstances bend and shape us in ways we didn’t foresee and then one day, we glance in the mirror and don’t recognize the face looking back.  The…

Matsumoto_Oracle Observatory
Collage Daily Artsy Drawing Figurative Mixed Media Paintings

Longing for Eden: Lauren Matsumoto

Being nature loving outdoorsy types, Mr. Forager and I sometimes discuss what it would have been like for Adam & Eve– to dwell peacefully with wild animals.  Mr. F hopes that being able to interact safely with wild creatures…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Drawing

In Essentials: Daniele De Batte

You have to walk before you can run.  But you see things more clearly when you’re walking, you know?  So it goes with black & white vs. color.  In art school, we were all taught to begin with a…