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Daily Artsy Landscapes Paintings

Canopies. Shannon Smiley.

In our discussions regarding our final landing spot, Mr. F and I have an ongoing dilemma.  He is drawn to the drama of being surrounded by super high mountain peaks, while I feel most at home among the trees.…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Screens.  Chris Trueman.

In my new little studio ( I do mean little, it’s about 50 square feet ), I have a lovely view of treetops and rooftops in our neighborhood.  The sunsets from the west facing windows are often spectacular and…

Nasso_between fossils
Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Swept. Angelina Nasso.

As a Florida girl, the warnings in California to “never turn your back on the ocean” took some getting used to.  But as I soon learned, Pacific waves are much more unpredictable than their Atlantic cousins.  A rogue wave…

Daily Artsy Landscapes Paintings

Language. Raul Cordero.

The art world, like so many others, has its own language.  It’s spoken by curators, gallerists, and art writers everywhere.  As artist Raul Cordero puts it in describing his Transient Poetry series, it is “A language taught in art…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Dress-Up. Adrienne Stein.

One Christmas, a long time ago when my oldest nieces were still little, I painted an old suitcase and filled it with old prom dresses and costume jewelry, creating for them a Dress-Up Box.  Looking back, I wish I…

Daily Artsy Paintings Still Life

Everyday. Aubrey Levinthal.

Between the highs of the mountaintop experiences like holidays, weddings, and vacations, we can forget to find the meaningfulness in the everyday.  The paintings of Aubrey Levinthal celebrate the beauty to be found in the commonplace. Throughout the day, I…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Realities. Matthew Stone.

A while back, I posed a question on Instagram asking whether other artists prefer to tweeze out random brush hairs from their paintings or just allow them to exist as part of the painting process.  Results were split between those…

A Ruiz Villar, Mixed Media on Wood, Barcelona, Art, Collage, Geometric, RuizVillar, Albert Ruiz Villar
Abstract Art Daily Artsy Mixed Media

Building. A Ruiz Villar.

Creating anything from scratch is a difficult endeavor.  If the foundation of what you’re building isn’t secure, it will never be sound, it won’t be what you planned for, what you dreamed of. These mixed media pieces by Barcelona…

Spassov_inside out 16
Daily Artsy Paintings

Collections. Amy Spassov.

Once upon a time, I collected anything and everything manatee.  My sister-in-law collects mid-century kitchenware.  My mom had a huge teapot collection.  The things we love and use every day become a part of us, we transfer our spirit…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Vulnerabilities. Thomas Donaldson.

We lay ourselves open in more ways than just physical nakedness.  Baring our souls often requires much more bravery.  We aren’t just our bodies but our spirits.  And it is in those deepest places that our true selves reside.…