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Daily Artsy Photography

Transitioning. Sarah Illenberger.

Today may officially mark the last day of summer, but for weeks now, summer’s glow has been slowly fading.  The hots days have grown weary and we’ve rejoiced in a new, cooler breeze.  It is always an interesting time,…

Keever_abstract 878
Abstract Art Daily Artsy Photography

Submersions. Kim Keever.

Re-entering the real world after so many hours, weeks, months spent by my mom’s side has been more of a struggle than I might have imagined.  There was, of course, a desire for a return to normality, to get…

Daily Artsy Figurative Photography

Temporal. Bill Armstrong.

This is my first blog post since my mom left this earth.  It has been seventeen days.  We were lucky in that we had time to prepare, time to say goodbye, but it still doesn’t seem real.  I can…

Daily Artsy Photography

Fragility. Simone Truong.

We when are young, it’s easy to believe we are invincible.  We’ll live forever, nothing can touch us.  But as the years creep onward, we realize just how very tenuous this life is.  As delicate as a flower.  The…

Sherry_sunrise on mesquite flat
Daily Artsy Landscapes Photography

Distillations. David Benjamin Sherry.

Before Mr. F and I began to travel, I rarely gave thought to the energy found in certain places.  Sure I knew the intensity of Manhattan was vastly different from the quiet pace of life in the Smoky Mountains.…

Daily Artsy Photography

Distortions. Jennis Li Cheng Tien.

It seems like we are finally taking a stand.  For years now, we’ve been bombarded by photoshopped images of “perfection”, leading to unrealistic expectations on both sides of the gender aisle.  While the underlying issues are still pervasive, the…

Daily Artsy Figurative Photography

Move. Jasmine Deporta.

As a blogger and freelancer, I spent a good deal of each day planted in a chair in front of the computer screen.  Isn’t there a rule of physics that an object at still will stay at still?  That…

Daily Artsy Photography

Dazzling. Kristi Hager.

For the past two weeks, even before the official arrival of Spring, the scent of jasmine has permeated the air here in Marin County.  Mr. F and I breathe it in and count ourselves lucky to be in this…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Photography

Place. Rebecca Clews.

Every place we land has a different personality, a different vibe, if you will.  Yeesh, I just used the word vibe.  Methinks I’ve been in California too long!  The same way there is a person for everyone, there also…

Daily Artsy Photography

Focus. Ori Gersht.

We like to whine and complain that we’re so busy, we have no time for fun anymore, wah wah wah!  I know I’m guilty.  But the truth is we do have time.  We just don’t give it to ourselves.…