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Daily Artsy Sculpture

Unraveling. Adrian Esparza.

That little piece of thread.  You know the one.  You want to pull it, you want to cut it, but you know that if you do, that seam will be broken and everything will unravel. Many times over the…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Sculpture

Bound. Pava Wulfert.

It doesn’t always take another person to imprison us.  We can often bind ourselves up without any outside help– whether by our own thoughts, or actions, or expectations.  It’s a challenge just to get out of our own way.…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Sculpture

Crevices. Sean Newport.

As humans, none of us are one dimensional.  We are a mashed up conglomerate of peaks and valleys, opposing polarities that often don’t make sense.  It is when we reach below the surface, into the crevices where the true…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Sculpture

Sliding. Leslie Wayne.

Momentum can be a tricky thing.  If we’re moving in a positive direction, building and maintaing momentum is crucial.  But if we’ve begun sliding into bad habits or toward danger, we need to do everything we can to stop…

Daily Artsy Sculpture

Broken. Brian Rochefort.

When my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year, I kept coming back to a photograph I had taken of a sand dollar that summer.  You see, when we were growing up, my mom had a thing for…

Smallhorn_cube 272
Daily Artsy Sculpture

Configurations. Sophie Smallhorn.

Who remembers the Rubik’s Cube sensation back in the 80s?  I can distinctly remember spending hours twisting and turning, trying to line up all those little colored squares!  I always thought the more random arrangement of colors much more…

Daily Artsy Sculpture

Dimensions. Hilary Harnischfeger.

It can be easy to get stuck pigeon-holing people into the roles in which we know them best.  Mother, father, sister, brother, doctor, lawyer, artist.  But we aren’t flat and one-dimensional.  We are made up of many sides, many…

Daily Artsy Sculpture

Spun. Nike Schroeder.

Some people find horizontal lines soothing.  Maybe I’m weird, but I almost always prefer vertical lines.  Perhaps a nod to the soaring peaks of the mountains I love so much?  Textile artist Nike Schroeder takes full advantage of verticality in…

Daily Artsy Photography Sculpture

In Pieces. Dean West + Nathan Sawaya

As we get back into the swing of normal life following our week in the wild, I’ve been struck by the obvious artificiality that surrounds so much of our landscape.  Plastic flowers where real should be, fountains instead of…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings Sculpture

Sidelined. Klara Glosova

Its nearly that time of year when the light fades earlier and families spend their evenings and weekends cheering their little ones from the sidelines.  My younger brother was big into t-ball, then baseball when he was young, so…