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Daily Artsy Paintings Still Life

Everyday. Aubrey Levinthal.

Between the highs of the mountaintop experiences like holidays, weddings, and vacations, we can forget to find the meaningfulness in the everyday.  The paintings of Aubrey Levinthal celebrate the beauty to be found in the commonplace. Throughout the day, I…

Daily Artsy Landscapes Paintings Still Life

Home. Anne Canfield.

Very early tomorrow morning, I’ll be at the San Francisco airport. I’ll board a flight that will take me home.  I’m going back to Florida to see my mom, for what I really hope isn’t, but could very well…

Daily Artsy Photography Still Life

Dealing. Ann Woo.

Do you believe in fate?  I haven’t decided yet whether I do or not.  If it is true that events in our lives are predestined, then it must be true that “fate is a cruel mistress”.  This series of…

Raedeke_the party is over
Daily Artsy Paintings Still Life

Evidence of Life. Erin Raedeke.

I stil vividly remember spending days with my mom, sister-in-law, and grandfather going through my grandmother’s things after she was gone.  How very adamantly he wanted her things to go on in this life, even when she did not.…

Pierce_Yellow chair
Daily Artsy Paintings Still Life

Fragmented Perceptions. Stephanie Pierce

Here on the Northern California coast, the days usually start off cool and grey, and then, if we’re lucky, the sun and blue skies make an appearance for the afternoon.  Once the light begins to beam through the windows…

Daily Artsy Photography Still Life

Collected Treasures. Jennifer Steen Booher

When I was a little girl in Florida, I always remember my mom collecting shells every time we went to the beach.  She wasn’t( still isn’t ) a swimmer, but she loved going to the beach and finding treasures.…

Artsy Forager Featured Artist Daily Artsy Paintings Still Life

July Featured Artist Carlos Lopez

Humboldt County, our temporary home of the moment, is apparently known for its oysters ( among other things, ahem.. ).  Their fame and abundance is pretty much completely lost on me.  I’ve just never been much of a fan,…

Daily Artsy Paintings Still Life

Bought & Paid For: Jaye Schlesinger

We live in a world of labels.  Where the things we consume are linked to who we are– our personality, our political views, our wealth.  Yet we make assumptions based on the consumption habits of other people all the…

Daily Artsy Photography Still Life

Cable Guy: Andy Mattern

If there was ever a series of photographs I could relate to, Cable Management is it.  In this series, Albuquerque artist Andy Mattern documents “the process of reconstructing domestic space”, specifically the often frustrating task of figuring out which cable goes…

Runquist_Leftover lunch
Daily Artsy Paintings Still Life

Lives at Still: Tollef Runquist

When I was painting in college, I worked on a series of paintings of interiors.  I absolutely loved doing them, but abandoned them as in my silly young mind, I thought, “Who wants to see a painting of a…