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Daily Artsy Paintings Watercolors

Delicacy. Marta Spendowska.

I never thought I’d say it, but I think Instagram may be surpassing Pinterest as my new favorite social media tool.  I do still lurve Pinterest, but am finding Instagram to be much more friendly, creatively and socially.  And…

Daily Artsy Watercolors

Discards. Alvaro Naddeo.

For most of my life I’ve lived surrounded by friends and family, so being without a home never seemed like a very real possibility to me.  As Mr. F and I travel, we do occasionally find ourselves “between homes”…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Watercolors

Magic Maker. Jeffrey Simmons.

There is work that enchants us for a moment, we think, “oh, that’s very nice!” but then move on, maybe occasionally coming back to it.  But then there is work that is completely mesmerizing from the moment we see…

Daily Artsy Figurative Watercolors

Domestic Invasions: Carmel Seymour

It’s so easy to get caught up in our world of 21st century technology, especially when working from home.  How slippery a slope it can be to go days on end without stepping outside!  I often spend hours and…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings Watercolors

Sun Drenched Days: JD Olerud

Oh the sun drenched days of summer!  It’s February and while I love winter and don’t mind the misty rain and clouds of the Northwest, I do love those lazy summer days.  These watercolors by Oakland artist JD Olerud,…

Daily Artsy Paintings Still Life Watercolors

Sweet Decadence: Heather McCaw Kerley

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about this time of year is the food!  Putting diets aside, we allow ourselves to focus on the inherent feast for the senses that delicious food can bring.…

Daily Artsy Paintings Watercolors

Awaiting the Return: Kiana Mosely

We are now well into November and the holiday season is approaching at lightning speed ( see yesterday’s Artsy Holiday post, early I know, but I couldn’t resist! ).  The brilliant October color has yielded to the breezes and…

Bird Sanctuary by Michelle Morin
Artsy on Escape Into Life Paintings Watercolors

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Michelle Morin

I am loving the illustrative quality to these watercolors by Massachusetts artist Michelle Morin!  I’m sharing more of Michelle’s work in my Artist Watch on Escape Into Life today.. head over to EIL to check it out here. Michelle…

Daily Artsy Paintings Watercolors

Delicate Awakenings: Marsha Boston

Normally, I love thick paintings.  Canvases piled high with mounds of paint and lots of gooey and delicious texture.  But there is a fluidity in abstract watercolors that I find just as appealing.  Watercolorist Marsha Boston imbues her work…