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Artsy About Town

Artsy About Town. La Jolla.

This past weekend we took a long overdue break.  Mr. F and I flew down to San Diego to spend time with our close friends, the James.  Our friends had a family funeral on Friday, so we were left…

Artsy About Town

Artsy About Town: Moscow Idaho

Our time here in Moscow is very rapidly coming to a close.  It feels like we just arrived, but before the sun rises on Sunday morning, Mr. Forager & I will be setting off for our next destination– Eureka,…

Lindsay Pichaske at Foster/White
Artsy About Town

Artsy About Town: Art & Shadow

Pioneer Square Art Walk Last night, Mr. F & I ventured out for our first ArtWalk since arriving in Seattle.  I know, right?!! What took us so long?  And this city is by no means lacking in ArtWalking opportunities.…

World #7 by Ruud Van Empel
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Artsy About Town: Ruud van Empel’s Strange Beauty

I have had the work of Dutch artist Ruud van Empel pinned to my Pinterest board for months now.  Imagine my excitement when we arrived in San Diego back in October and I saw who was coming to the…

Artsy About Town

Artsy Around Town: Hwy 62 Art Touring

It seems like every Fall when the Open Studios and Art Tours gear up we seem to just miss them.  So I was elated to know we would be able to spend a Saturday checking out some of the…

Artsy About Town

Artsy About Town: Cocktails, Truffle Fries, and Dan Spalding

As the hubby and I travel, we try to experience as much of each area’s culture as we can.  Last Friday evening, we decided to meet a friend for a night filled with our favorite things– delicious food &…

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Artsy Around Town:  Art Along The Rogue

I love and appreciate any community that embraces its artsiness.  Even more, I adore a place that reaches out to bring art into the lives of children who may not otherwise experience it.  This weekend, our little temporary hometown…

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Lucky Spasms and Other Art Walk Goodness

Beauty was abounding in Jacksonville last night and I’m not just talking about the perfect weather.  My sister-in-law and I attended the monthly Downtown Art Walk and were treated to not just the usual visual stimulation but mental and emotional…