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LATITUDE Show & Series

LATITUDE Show & Series My Paintings Process

Steps. Process of a Painting.

When I look at a painting, I always wonder how the artist arrived at its eventual conclusion.  How did they begin?  How did the painting evolve and what choices did the artist make along the way? So I thought…

Latitude color collage3
LATITUDE Show & Series Process

Defining Latitude. The Palette.

When I began to put to think about the direction for the LATITUDE paintings, I knew they would be heavily influenced by my past four years in the Northwest.  While their style would create a common thread, I wanted…

LATITUDE Show & Series

Finding Latitude. Yellowstone Prismatics.

Endless inspiration.  That’s how I feel about Yellowstone’s prismatic pools.  I could paint them forever. These deep steaming springs draw millions of people to Yellowstone each year and with good reason.  Their boiling temperatures create magical steam, rising above…

LATITUDE Show & Series

Finding Latitude. The Redwoods.

I like my trees tall.  Really really tall.  During the year we spent among the Redwoods in Humboldt County, California I was in tree heaven. Of course, the beaches of the Northern California coast are a sight to behold–…

Lesley Frenz, LATITUDE solo show at Art & Light Gallery with Pink Thicket Pottery #art #artgalleries #artshows #greenville
LATITUDE Show & Series

Showing. A Look at LATITUDE.

Ya’ll it has been a whirlwind few months.  Followed by a whirlwind five days in Greenville, SC for the opening of my LATITUDE show at Art & Light Gallery!  Greenville welcomed me with warmth and sunshine and made this…

Frenz_Tenderness and Time_2015_acrylic on canvas_36x36
LATITUDE Show & Series

LATITUDE Sneak Peek.

Exclusive just for Artsy Forager readers!  I’ve updated my website with all the works in my solo show, LATITUDE, opening tomorrow and I’m only sharing the news here on Artsy Forager. Tenderness & Time (48.53.53 N), 2015, acrylic on…

View from Going to the Sun Road_Glacier_MT
LATITUDE Show & Series

Finding Latitude. Glacier.

Every place that inspired the LATITUDE series has special meaning for me.  But there is one that stands out among the rest.  GLACIER. I knew long before setting eyes on Glacier National Park that it was a place close to…

Black Sand Basin Yellowstone
LATITUDE Show & Series

Finding Latitude. Yellowstone.

If there is one place in the West that captured my Floridian imagination, it was Yellowstone.  I dreamt of prismatic springs, gushing geysers, bison roaming.  It is a completely magical place and I am spell bound every time we…

LATITUDE Show & Series

Finding Latitude. The Grand Tetons.

Sometimes the love we discover for a place comes unexpectedly.  We had visited Grand Teton National Park for a few hours on our way from Yellowstone to Jackson one summer morning a few years ago.  While I thought it…

Latitude found_applegate valley
LATITUDE Show & Series

#latitudefound on Instagram!

This weekend, we found a bit of latitude in Oregon’s Applegate Valley and I want to know where YOU are finding LATITUDE! If you’re on Instagram, use the tag #latitudefound to share photos of the places where you’ve found…